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Stress Reduction

What is stress?

It’s an individual reaction of the human organism to a particular event.

Your body has a built-in mechanism and it was designed for your safety. So, when you get stressed out, your body is immediately ready to physically fight or to run away. We live in a world where we can’t fight every day or constantly run away simply because we live in a civilized world.

How to control yourself in stressful situations is not a main question.

More important is learn how to quickly recharge yourself after a stressful event.

There are a lot of techniques for stress reduction and the most effective ones are:

  •  Autogenic training Hypertension Hypnosis Brooklyn
  •  Abdominal breathing
  •  Tapping
  •  Guided imagery

 All these techniques are good for Stress Reduction.

But hypnosis is the most powerful method for Stress Reduction because it helps to change your perception of a stressful event. For example, your friend  may tell you a story about what happened to him or her almost crying but for you it’s just a funny story.

Your perception is only yours.

Change your perception and your reaction to stress will change as well. We all have own beliefs and programs. Some of them are negative. Hypnosis helps to quickly eliminate them. The combination of hypnosis and any of 4 techniques I mentioned earlier is the best tool for Stress Reduction available for you.

Self-hypnosis is also a very effective method for Stress Reduction.

You need to practice it every day, several times a day. Of course not everyone is capable of doing it because of procrastination and other reasons. After a number of hypnosis sessions the ability to practice self-hypnosis is increasing. The more you relax yourself the more you are stress free and healthier.

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