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Self-Hypnosis Class In NYC

Do you want to learn self-hypnosis?

Attend the self-hypnosis class in NYC!

Learn self-hypnosis in NYCYou will learn how:

  • Induce self-hypnosis
  • Create hypnotic suggestions
  • Use self-hypnosis to solve some of your problems.

Learning self-hypnosis is easy.

It’s also fun because you can learn how to hypnotize yourself. Actually all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Everyone can learn self-hypnosis.

Even kids can learn it easily and quickly. Self-hypnosis can’t harm you.

The benefits of self-hypnosis are limitless:

You can stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress and many more.
My name is Alexander Ivlev. As a certified hypnotist I can help you learn self-hypnosis easily and quickly.

For a FREE consultation please call at (718) 921-2954. 



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