Quit Smoking

Nicotine makes you sick? Can’t quit smoking?

Quit smoking with hypnosis. It’s quick and easy! No patches or drugs needed.

Here are 7 main reasons to quit smoking:

  • Bad cough
  • Feeling nauseous and dizzy after a cigarette
  • High blood pressure
  • Breathing problem
  • Losing your vital energy after smoking
  • Worry about your health
  • Fear of dying from smoking

You are probably tired of trying to quit with nicotine patches, your willpower, drugs, even laser. All this methods didn’t help you and you still smoke, right?

You haven’t quit yet because subconsciously you don’t want to quit. Well, it’s a psychological thing but it’s true: you just don’t believe that you can quit or maybe you don’t have a real motive to quit.  Ask yourself: does your physical body need poisoning nicotine at all? Of course not! You smoke because it’s a bad habit.


Hypnosis is 100% safe. It’s a natural stress reduction method as well. Just imagine yourself sitting comfortably  in a chair in a hypnotist’s office, your eyes are closed, you are deeply relaxed feeling great and listening to a hypnotist’s voice. After a session you will feel yourself 100 times than ever before! You can become a happy non-smoker and never ever will smoke again!

Hypnosis can help you quit smoking permanently. No patches, drugs or   laser needed.  After a  session you will feel great also because hypnosis is a state of  natural relaxation. Hypnosis reduces stress much  better than  anything else. By the way your life expectancy will be extended to about 12 years after you become a non-smoker.

Realize your problem won’t solve itself. You need help.

www.hypnosisrapport.comI am Alexander Ivlev, a Consulting Hypnotist in NYC.

I can help you quit smoking quickly and easily!

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