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Natural & Peaceful New York Hypnosis Lie Detection

Do you think your boyfriend is not telling you the truth? 

New York hypnosis lie detection can help you both to find out what happened.

Ask him if he is willing to be hypnotized and answer all your questions while in hypnotic trance. You know, when you are hypnotized, and you are willing to answer questions, then you will answer all questions without conscious control. It means, your boyfriend, your spouse and anyone who is willing to be hypnotized, will not be able to lie under hypnosis.

Here is how New York hypnosis lie detection works:

First, you and your boyfriend ( spouse, friend, anyone) will contact me for a FREE phone consultation. Then, if you have scheduled an appointment with me, you both will come at my office. The whole session will take about 90 minutes. In the beginning, I will educate you both about hypnosis, what is it, what it isn’t. Then I will hypnotize your boyfriend for 5-10 minutes.

After this, I will ask your boyfriend if he likes what he experienced during 5 minute hypnosis. If he likes it and if he feels good, we can keep working. If your boyfriend doesn’t like it, I will let you both go home, you don’t have to pay me, of course.

Here is what usually happens during New York hypnosis lie detection session:

During a session my client is comfortably sitting in a chair. I am helping him or her become relaxed and experience hypnotic state of mind. When my client is hypnotized deeply enough, I let my client’s girlfriend (wife, spouse or boyfriend) to start asking questions.

While in hypnosis, my client is able to respond to all questions by nodding his or her head, or by lifting his /her fingers. Those answers are “YES” or “NO”. Of course, there are people who are able to talk while in hypnosis, but it’s about 2% of all people.

Under hypnosis my client is able to give “YES” or “NO” answers, and they are mostly truthful.

You see, even in deepest hypnosis anyone is able to hide the truth, if he or she doesn’t want to tell the truth. But because your boyfriend is willing to be hypnotized and answer your questions while in hypnosis, it will be not easy for him to lie to you. Please understand, that your boyfriend (spouse, wife, girlfriend, husband) is a human being just like you. It means, you should give him or her a chance to tell the truth, right?

Here are the benefits  of New York hypnosis lie detection: 

  • It’s a 100% harmless technique without side effects
  • It’s a peaceful way helping your partner to tell the truth
  • It helps to reduce your and your partner’s emotional tension
  • It helps your partner to relax and feel great during a session.
  • It helps to improve your and your partner’s self-esteem

Are you still interested in hearing the truth from your partner?

If yes, then please contact me for a FREE phone consultation. I will be happy to honestly answer all your questions regarding my service. After the consultation you can schedule an appointment with me.  New York hypnosis lie detection is a peaceful way to help your partner to tell the truth.
Alexander Ivlev

My name is Alexander Ivlev. I am a certified hypnotist and a member of National Guild of Hypnotists

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