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Natural Weight Loss Hypnosis in Brooklyn

Do you feel unhappy because your body is overweight?

Try weight loss hypnosis in Brooklyn!

weight loss hypnosis in BrooklynYou don’t have to believe in hypnosis, it works naturally. Of course, you have to be willing to be hypnotized. Please let me explain how it works. During each individual session my client is comfortably sitting in a chair. His or her mind is focused on my positive suggestions for eating healthy low calorie food, normal portions.This way I am helping my clients to let go of their unwanted habits of overeating. As a result, my clients easily become the very selective eaters. Because of that, their bodies begin losing weight naturally. Sooner or later, my clients experience healthy weight loss. Try weight loss hypnosis in Brooklyn!

Here are the benefits of losing weight with hypnosis: 

  • No side effects
  • No weight loss pills needed
  • It’s 100% natural method
  • It promotes your healthy weight loss
  • It works in harmony with your body

You can achieve your normal weight with weight loss hypnosis in Brooklyn!

How many times you tried to control the amount of your food, hoping to lose weight, without success? 1000 times? Do you know why? It’s because your subconscious mind somehow “protects” your overeating habit! Very often my clients become surprised when after a session or two they suddenly understand why their subconscious protected their overeating habit. As a result, they begin eating normally.

Can you imagine yourself achieved your normal weight?

weight loss hypnosis in BrooklynYou feel great, your self-esteem is good, your self-confidence is strong. Yes, it’s perfectly normal to have normal weight! Just eat healthy low calorie food, normal portions. This is what your doctor wants from you, right? You can easily achieve your normal weight with weight loss hypnosis in Brooklyn!

Are you interested in losing weight with weight loss hypnosis in Brooklyn?

If yes, then you are welcome to contact us for a FREE consultation. During a FREE consultation over the phone all your questions regarding weight loss hypnosis in Brooklyn will be honestly answered. After the consultation you can schedule your appointment.

You don’t have to feel unhappy because of your painful weight problem any longer, do you? 

Allow yourself to let go of your overeating habit in order to normalize your weight naturally. You eat to live, you don’t live to eat, right? You deserve to enjoy every moment of your life as a happy person with normal weight, yes? Of course!
Alexander Ivlev


My name is Alexander Ivlev. As an expert on hypnosis for weight loss I can help you easily achieve your normal weight.

Please email me today to schedule your FREE consultation over the phone:

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