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Hypnosis Mesmerism Energy Healing in Manhattan

Looking for someone who practice energy healing in Manhattan? 

Energy Healing in ManhattanUsually people want to try energy healing because it is 100% natural way to feel better without side effects. Here is the truth: your body will be able to restore your own wellness if you will take care of it.  Eat healthy food, drink clean water, breath with clean air, sleep 8 hours every night, think positively and your body will be fine!

The problem is a modern life is very busy sometimes, and you just don’t have time to take care of your body, right? Your nervous system is getting overused which in turn, can cause a painful problem. Energy healing in Manhattan can help you feel better.

Your nervous system is able to restore own normality with help of energy healing in Manhattan.

When your nervous system functions perfectly you feel great every day, you sleep well every night, you naturally enjoy being happy and successful. Of course, your mind has to be peaceful and optimistic if you want to become happy and successful. Do you know that mind/body connection is real? Your mind constantly affects your body, it’s a scientific fact. Another problem here is that you just can’t make your mind peaceful and optimistic because your mind was trained to be busy with thoughts and emotions.

Your mind is able to become peaceful and optimistic with help of energy healing in Manhattan.

As a result, you can become The Master of Yourself instead of being a victim of your wrong habits. Do you know that your brain is a your best doctor in the world? Yes! Your brain can produce 100% natural and harmless drugs if your body need them. Your body, like any other normal human body, was designed to function perfectly. All you need to do, in order to keep your body in good condition, is feed it with healthy food, sleep well, breath with fresh air, drink plenty of clean water.

Energy healing in Manhattan is a unique combination of mesmerism and magnetic passes.

You probably heard about mesmerism which was a kind of hypnotherapy long time ago. Magnetic passes are the hand passes without touching your body. Energy healing is a very relaxing process. During a session you just sit in a chair and enjoy deep relaxation. Your nervous system is getting quiet, your mind is getting quiet, your body is getting relaxed. Your body is getting recharged with a healer’s vital energy that can help you become free from your problem.

Are you interested in making your mind peaceful with help of energy healing in Manhattan?

If yes, then you are welcome to contact me for a FREE consultation over the phone. During 20 minutes consultation over the phone I will be happy to honestly answer all your questions regarding my energy healing in Manhattan service. After the consultation you can schedule your first appointment with me. You don’t have to suffer any longer from your problem, do you? Allow yourself to let go of your problem 100% naturally! You deserve to enjoy every moment of your life.
Alexander Ivlev


My name is Alexander Ivlev. As a certified hypnotist I help people relax and feel better.

For a FREE consultation please call at (646) 630-2173

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